Get the edge in multiplayer with these Call of Duty: Modern Warfare blueprints

how to use call of duty modern warfare blueprints
(Image credit: Activision)

How do you use blueprints in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare? Blueprints are new unlockable resources in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, and they let you get your hands on specialised weapons that offer custom skins and attachments regardless of your level. 

Here, I'm breaking down how to get blueprints in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare so you can get ahead of the competition at an early stage. I'm also going to show you how to use blueprint weapons in Modern Warfare so you can use them straight away in your multiplayer loadouts.

How to get weapon blueprints in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

There are two main ways to unlock blueprints in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. The easy (but expensive) way is to purchase the Operator or Enhanced Operator editions of the game. When you first load multiplayer you’ll see that you already have a selection of special blueprinted guns that vary in rarity. They are as follows:

  • XRX M4
  • 1337 Skeet
  • Grassy Knoll
  • Javelina
  • XRX .357
  • Blue Silence

The more common way to get blueprints in Modern Warfare is by completing missions in multiplayer. From the multiplayer menu, head to the Barracks option and click on Multiplayer Challenges. Then move to the Missions tab and you should see a number of objectives to complete that will reward you with a special blueprint upon completion.

Select a mission, complete the allotted objectives (which each come with their own rewards) and you should then receive the weapon blueprint listed in the top right for use in multiplayer. Consider which missions will reward you with the weapons that you feel comfortable using, and target those.

How to use blueprint weapons in Modern Warfare multiplayer 

With your blueprint weapons unlocked, navigate to the Weapons tab in the Multiplayer menu. You can head to the Armory menu to check out all of your unlocked blueprints, but to equip them, you’re going to have to click on Edit Loadouts.

From there, flick through the tabs until you see a weapon with a little tab to the right of its box with a number on it. Click on that panel to be taken to the armory, where you can confirm and equip the blueprint weapon. 

Note that there are also secondary weapon blueprints available. What's more you can use a blueprint of a weapon that you haven't unlocked yet by traditional means. For example, the HDR sniper is unlocked at level 11, but if you have the Grassy Knoll blueprint you can use it as soon as you log in, attachments included. Use this knowledge to your advantage if you haven’t quite figured out your perfect multiplayer loadout.