How to find and beat the Megabomb in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

Modern Warfare 3 Megabomb with other zombies
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The Megabomb—or Mega Abomination to give its full title—is the toughest boss in Modern Warfare 3's new zombies mode. If you're a fan of Warzone's DMZ but are a little disappointed MWZ doesn't have more bosses like the Scavenger, Pyro, and Bullfrog, this is definitely one for you to look up. This colossal three-headed dog mutant is a lot to handle, even with a fully prepped squad.

This is partly because of its huge health bar, but also because—unless you employ some sneaky smarts—you'll be facing it in the highest threat zone of MWZ; a recipe for a quick and untimely death. If you're new to the mode, this might not be one to tackle yet, but with a few MWZ tips and some crafting Schematics unlocked, you should be more than capable. Whenever you choose to try; here's the Megabomb location in MWZ and how to beat it. 

MWZ Megabomb location

You can find the Megabomb on the south side of the high threat zone in MWZ; the red area at the centre of the map. If you head to the two bridges leading across the river into the high threat zone's southern end, you should be able to spot the Mega Abomination on the opposite bank wandering around. If it doesn't turn up here, try the northeast bridge leading into the high-threat zone, as it can spawn here, too.

While you can kind of shoot it at a distance, this will attract level three zombies across the bridge, so you'll want to quickly dip in to get its attention, then lure it back to the easier medium threat zone to fight it.

How to beat the Megabomb

This fight is significantly easier if you manage to successfully lure the Megabomb into the medium threat zone, since you don't have to deal with level three zombies attacking you constantly. This means you can take your time chipping down the boss's massive health pool.

Here are some tips to make it go faster:

  • Shoot its glowing mouth: While you can pump bullets into the Mega Abomination's body, its glowing mouth is its weak point. Consider adding the Napalm Ammo Mod to your gun for some extra damage-over-time, plus you'll want your weapon Pack-A-Punched to level two. I recommend a gun with lots of ammo like an LMG, but if you manage to get a Wonder Weapon, that could also work.
  • Bring buddies and extra ammo: Due to the amount of health the boss has, this fight is next to impossible if you don't bring teammates. Besides being able to revive you if things go bad, having other players around also lets you trade the Mega Abomination's aggression so it isn't always focused on you alone. 
  • Watch for its deadlier attacks: The two deadliest attacks that the Megabomb can throw out are its charge and firing an electric beam from its mouth that tracks you. If you managed to bait it across the bridge, I recommend using the nearby street and riverside buildings to quickly get away from it or take shelter when you have to, letting another teammate attract its attention.
  • Buy the Juggernaut: If you can afford the hefty 10,000 Essence price tag, you can purchase the Juggernaut killstreak from buy stations in the high threat zone. While that comes with risks of its own, it does give you an armoured suit and a minigun to use on the Megabomb. Alternatively, you could buy a Sentry Gun to set up on a nearby rooftop for a little extra damage.
  • Grab some Perk-A-Colas: If that price is too high, buy or craft some Perk-A-Colas if you have the Schematics unlocked. Jugger-Nog is the most helpful since it grants increased health, but Speed Cola and Deadshot Daiquiri will help quicken the process of actually killing the monster.
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