Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is bringing back third-person mode

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Infinity Ward is dropping lots of new Modern Warfare 2 details during its Call of Duty Next event today, including the first trailer for multiplayer and details of Warzone 2.0's DMZ mode. The trailer is pretty much your standard CoD promo—guns, explosions, a remixed song from the '90s. But for a brief moment, we got a glimpse at something that hasn't been in Call of Duty since the 2009 original Modern Warfare 2.

Remember third-person mode? It's back, albeit tentatively. As Infinity Ward flaunted this feature, it's unclear to what extent it'll be implemented in the final game.

The studio described third-person as a "modifier" that it can turn on for any multiplayer mode. That includes Warzone 2.0. It doesn't sound like IW is committing to third-person, but if it proves popular, it could stick around. It definitely looks a lot snazzier than the original Modern Warfare 2's official third-person mode from 2009. It was janky, weird, and definitely just a camera mod, but it had its fans. One of the implications for Warzone and other multiplayer modes would be the ability to see around corners without peeking, a style that PUBG players will already be familiar with.

I guess Infinity Ward listened to all the positive reactions to a glitched third-person mode players encountered in Modern Warfare 2019. 

More Modern Warfare 2 deets are coming throughout the day at CoD Next, including the premiere of Warzone 2.0.

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