Call of Duty: Ghosts announcement trailer is heavy on historical cosplay, light on information

Ghosts Cover

There are those who put out trailers to demonstrate gameplay. There are those who put out trailers to show off flashy CGI. And there are those who put out trailers of live action roleplayers to get us excited about a logo. Guess which first teaser for Call of Duty: Ghosts—confirmed for a simultaneous console and PC release on November 5—is an attempt at.

Ghosts, the first CoD entry to get its own, new subtitle since 2010's Black Ops, is under development at Infinity Ward, and has been described as a "spinoff" of the Modern Warfare storyline. In case you missed it, we made some daring predictions back when the title was leaked. There's also a cryptic teaser site you can check out.

Word is that pre-orders are now available. We haven't seen Ghosts pop up on any of the major PC digital distribution services yet—just GameStop so far—but we'll keep an eye out.