Call of Duty: Ghosts – Invasion DLC trailer shows new maps, contains actual ghosts

You know, I've been genuinely inspired by the new Call of Duty: Ghosts DLC announcement. Invasion contains—among other things—a "refreshed" version of the Modern Warfare 2 map Favela. In that spirit, I'm going to similarly "refresh" an old Call of Duty news post ...

Why do Call of Duty characters hate each other so much? Yes, they're at war—that I can understand—but the lengths they'll go to annihilate their enemy is almost sadistic. In [Mutiny], one of the four maps included in the [Invasion] DLC, somebody has gone through the time, danger and expense of [harnessing the power of actual ghosts]. It's as if Infinity Ward have created an fiction in which every person is a [Pirates of the Caribbean extra].

Other deathtraps include the standard military issue [Mariachi], and some weird device called ["bombs"]. Whatever will they think of next?

In addition to the four maps, players will also get the [third] episode of "the Extinction saga" co-op campaign, and [no new gun].

All this will be available sometime after [June] 3rd, which is the date the Xbox lot start their exclusive access period. It's annoying, sure, but if they don't get first dibs, they'll spend the rest of the year saying mean things about your mum.

Phil Savage

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