Call of Duty Elite price revealed at Call of Duty XP event

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At the keynote address at this weekend's Call of Duty XP event, Activision revealed the price of the premium subscription for the upcoming Call of Duty Elite service. It'll cost £34.99 / $49.99 a year, and give subscribers access to all of Modern Warfare 3's map packs early as part of the price. Premium players will also be able to enter competitions to win real world prizes and watch pro-commentated match reports and strategy videos.

Subscribers will also have access to Elite TV. This will deliver a series of video features including "Noob Tube," in which Arrested Development stars Will Arnett and Jason Bateman will narrate community-nominated footage, and live action series Friday Night Fights, headed up by producers Ridley and Tony Scott. According to Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg, this will involve getting “real life rivals together in multiplayer to battle it out COD style.” Policemen will fight firemen, Democrats will fight Republicans, Call of Duty fans will fights Battlefield fans. Granted, the last contest wasn't announced, but it'd be fun to watch.

Call of Duty Elite's free features include the option to tailor your load-out when away from your PC using an iOS/ Android app. Free members will also be able to create custom leaderboards, keep track of their game stats, upload videos, create clans and even join up with friends using Facebook. Elite is set to launch alongside Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 on November 8.

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