Call of Duty: Elite gets 2 million sign-ups. Activision say "More would be even better"

Call of Duty Elite Thumbnail

As reported on Gamasutra , Call of Duty: Elite has already had two million sign-ups. The massive figure was announced on the blog of Activision's Dan Amrich.

Exact details as to how the new service will work are yet to be announced. According to Amrich, the final service will evolve depending on feedback taken from the beta anyway. He also mentions that fans of the series shouldn't be discouraged by the popularity of the service, saying "Two million volunteers among 30 million Call of Duty players is a small amount. More would be even better. Once you've signed up, just watch your email inbox for an invite."

We do know that Elite will let you obsess over your stats to an unhealthy degree, there will be free and paid versions of the service, and that some form of TV show will be incorporated, featuring "top Hollywood Talent."

As far as we can tell, it's going to be a bit like a Facebook profile, but where every picture, status update, and awkward message will be COD-focussed. Your photos will feature camo, your status updates will be concerned with weapon attachment unlocks, and your messages will be littered with words like n00b t00b and base-rape. It'll support Call of Duty: Black Ops and the upcoming Modern Warfare 3.

Read more about Call of Duty Elite in Activision's latest FAQ , and sign up for the beta here . Amrich has created a handy information hub too - what a nice chap.