Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review round-up is good news for Activision

Call of Duty Advanced Warfare 2

You may be wondering why we don't have a Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review up yet. The answer is quite simple: We just got our hands on the thing, so we're still working on it. But if you absolutely, positively must know what to think right now, then here are a few trustworthy sources you can turn your eyes toward in the meantime.

Our pals at Total Xbox give Advanced Warfare an 8/10, saying, "Making COD feel fresh is a tall order indeed, and Sledgehammer has cracked it at the first attempt." Meanwhile, over at the equally reliable GamesRadar, they've awarded the game a score of 4/5, thanks to the strength of its multiplayer action: The campaign structure is "by the numbers," but it "excels in online multiplayer, with brand new mechanics and a complex, loot-filled progression system."

A few others of note: 8/10—"The first truly impressive Call of Duty in years."

GameSpot: 8/10—"Advanced Warfare is a deluge of action-film bravado."

Polygon: 9/10—"Advanced Warfare is the most fun I've had with the series since it reinvented the shooter mold."

Joystiq: 8/10—"It's been years since a Call of Duty campaign was as coherent and fast-paced as this one."

All in all, it looks pretty good for the Sledgehammer guys, I'd say. Our own Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare review will be up later this week, in which you can expect us to drill into the PC-specific aspects of the game.

Andy Chalk

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