Bungie will increase Wellspring weapon drop rates in Destiny 2 next week

Destiny 2 Wellspring
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Update: Destiny 2 game director Joe Blackburn said in a Twitter thread that the current drop rates and unlock requirements for Wellspring Throne World weapons are "going to gate off too many players from being able to earn their exotic glaives." So, changes are coming.

"In a patch targeting next week, we will be increasing the drop chances for weapons in Wellspring, and adding bad luck protection for both getting a standard drop and getting a Deepsight resonate version of a weapon," Blackburn tweeted. "Feel free to join me in the Wellspring this week if you want to be one of the first for a crafted version of these weapons, but know that next week this step should be a lot easier to make reliable progress."

Blackburn said Bungie will share information about other tweaks and tuning, which will also see an increase in Ascendant Alloy drop rates, in the upcoming TWAB.

Original story:

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen is outstanding, possibly the best shooter campaign of the year. But it's not without its problems, one of the big ones right now being the extreme rarity of a particular type of reward drop that's required to craft new weapons.

The issue is rooted in the Wellspring, a new six-player activity added to Destiny 2 in The Witch Queen expansion that has an unusual daily rotation that drops one of four rewards based on the day and the boss. The reward for defeating Golmag, Warden of the Spring on day one, for instance, is the Come to Pass auto rifle.

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The problem is that two Deepsight Resonance versions of Come to Pass are required in order to unlock the crafting pattern, but the Deepsight variants are hardly dropping at all. To complicate matters further—a shock, I know—receiving a Deepsight Resonance weapon from Wellspring is only part of this particular problem. And seeing as the questline ultimately leads to the new class-specific exotic glaives, you can (possibly) understand why players are getting ornery about farming for hours but making little to no progress.

This Reddit post, for instance, claims that no Deepsight weapons dropped over 20 runs through the Wellspring. Other players in the same thread have similar complaints, and several are saying they're giving up on the mode it's fixed.

This video, from YouTuber Aztecross, breaks it down nicely: Regular versions of the reward weapons drop regularly, but the Deepsight variants are like hen's teeth.

It's not clear whether the activity is working as intended at this point, but there does appear to be something untoward going on, and even if it's an intentional design choice aimed at keeping players engaged, it seems to be having the opposite effect for an awful lot of them. Bungie senior community manager dmg04 said the team is "aware of reports," and will share more information about what's going on when it can.

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