Bundle Stars' Panzer Corps deal includes all Grand Campaign DLC for $15

Slitherine Games announced Panzer Corps 2 last month as a bigger and more advanced take on its 2011 turn-based strategy game, with refined gameplay and a fully-3D engine capable of rendering hundreds of units "with a level of quality and detail never seen before in a wargame." To celebrate the announcement, the studio has teamed up with Bundle Stars to put together a multi-tier Panzer Corps Bundle, featuring the original game and up to 15 pieces of campaign DLC. 

For $3, you get Panzer Corps, which we called "a perfect introduction to the wonderful world of wargaming" in our 2011 review, and the Grand Campaign '39 DLC. For $5, you'll tack on the Grand Campaign '40, '41, '42, '42-'43, and '43 DLCs, and for $10 you'll also get the Afrika Corps, Grand Campaign '44 East, '44 West, '45 East, and '45 West DLCs. And at the top of the heap—$15—it's all of that plus the US Corps '42, '43, '44-'45, and Sea Lion DLCs. 

The base Panzer Corps includes 26 scenarios, played out from the perspective of the Axis, in a single campaign tree that covers the entire course of the war. The Grand Campaign expansions are more specifically focused, and collectively provide a much more in-depth wargaming experience. "Each campaign can be started with the core force from the previous Grand Campaign, so you can continue Grand Campaign ’40 with your core force that completed Grand Campaign ’39," the Bundle Stars listing explains. "Alternatively players can start with a preset core force and play each campaign on its own, or jump in to the Grand Campaign at any year." 

Your mileage may vary (Did you know that the Panzer IV had an operational range of 200 km? It's true.) but to my mind, if you're at all interested in this package then the top tier is the only way to go: It's got everything that's in the Panzer Corps Gold bundle on Steam except the Allied and Soviet Corp DLCs, and that sucker will set you back $80—and it's a lot more expensive than that if you buy the expansions separately. 

The Bundle Stars Panzer Corps Bundle is live now and will be available until midnight on April 25.

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Andy Chalk

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