Broken Sword dev working on prototype that marks 'the future of the adventure'

There was a time following Broken Sword 5's Kickstarter campaign where it seemed like Revolution Software was working on a sequel to its point-and-click classic Beneath a Steel Sky. It never came to be, however the York-based adventure game veterans are now working on something behind the scenes. 

As mentioned in its Christmas message, Revolution head honcho Charles Cecil speaks of moving the studio to an area in the "historic heart of York" and working on new versions of Broken Sword 5 beyond its original PC variation. Cecil also speaks about a prototype they've been working on away from the spotlight.  

"Most of our work has been focused on a prototype, which is, for us, exploring the future of the adventure [and] how we can create wonderful stories with great characters that can move around a compelling world," says Cecil below. "It's very much looking forward to the future of the adventure, but also taking inspiration from some of the things that we did previously."

Cecil follows the above by underscoring his appreciation for virtual theatre, wherein characters live and interact independent of one another. He says he "always felt frustrated" that he and his team "never really" developed the foundations laid by Revolution's first game Lure of the Temptress in this regard. 

Cecil adds: "So we're in this fantastic position of being able to explore what we believe all of these ideas could translate into to make a great adventure game."