Brigador gets new campaign, music, and discounts with the free Up-Armored Edition

Brigador is an excellent action game in which you control a variety of mechs with the sole purpose of exterminating pretty much everything that moves—you'll also demolish quite a few things that don't move as well. Whether you've already played it or have yet to try it out at all, it seems like a good time to jump in as a free update called the Up-Armored Edition has been released, and developer Stellar Jockeys is celebrating with some discounts.

Up-Armored Edition includes a brand new campaign that Stellar Jockeys tells us was designed to better ease players into the game and introduce them to the almost-cyberpunk world. In addition to that, there are new achievements, lighting and effects, and major balance changes. And if your first language isn't English, then you'll be happy to hear Brigador has now been localized for French, German, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, and Brazilian-Portuguese.

The default controls have also been changed in an attempt to make the game more accessible to newcomers; however, all of the old control styles are still available.

Brigador will be discounted for the next week, allowing players to pick up the base game for $14 USD, down from the regular price of $20. The Deluxe edition has been discounted to $18 USD (regular price: $30), while you can pick up the entire Brigador audiobook and soundtrack for $5 USD (regular price: $10). 

Speaking of the soundtrack, a whole new album of music has been released alongside the Up-Armored Edition—and if you've already heard Brigador's music, you know it's going to be good. The Up-Armored EP features songs by Dallas Campbell, Troxum, The Alphabet Zero, Dynatron, Auxcide, Gavin Singleton, and Pilotpriest. If you already own the Deluxe edition, you'll get the new album for free.

In PC Gamer's review, Brigador received a score of 76 for excelling "at delivering a finely detailed destruction sandbox."