Bravo, encore! Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Operation Bravo event extended

When we last reported on Operation Bravo , it was a brand new baby event, unaware of the chaos and mayhem that awaited its short life. Now a grizzled veteran, it was all set for retirement. Unfortunately, the horror of war will stop for no man community event, and it's been called back for one last tour of duty. By which I mean it's been extended to February 5th.

Why extend past the original planned end date of January 20th? Probably because the event has proved exceptionally popular. According to the CS:GO blog , players have already spent 2.8 million hours fighting through Bravo's maps. Expect Valve to release more stats when Bravo does finally end in two weeks' time.

Bravo - like Payback before it - gives players access to official dedicated server support on eight community-made maps in Deathmatch, Casual and Competitive Modes. Buyers also receive a coin, upgradable through playtime and wins on Bravo maps, and a scorecard that tracks more detailed stats across their Bravo career.

For more details on the event, check Valve's Operation Bravo mini-site .

Phil Savage

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