Here's how to give Haunted Borman Nates what's coming to him in Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 haunted borman nates location
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Where is Haunted Borman Nates in Borderlands 3? The Bloody Harvest event is now live and it offers an array of suitably spooky activities and challenges for players to face during the Halloween period. A new quest, Descent into Heck, gives you access to a whole new area, but you need to find Maurice's location in Borderlands 3 first to start the new stuff: they are your new seasonal quest giver.

When it comes to the new activities, there are various undead bosses roaming the cel-shaded world. One of them is Borderlands 3's Haunted Norman Bates. Defeating him is otherwise known as the 'Nate's Hostile' challenge, and we're going to show you how to do it. 

How to find Haunted Borman Nates' location

You'll be able to find Haunted Borman Nates in the same place as his normal version. So, first, of all, you'll want to travel to the Meridian Outskirts in Promethea. From there, head down the tunnel next to the broken bridge then turn left towards the bridge. Then find the lift that will take you to the bridge's surface. 

You should be able to spot him about halfway across the top level of the bridge. If he's not there, don't panic: he won't always spawn so you might have to come back a few times before you find him.

Like many of the other Haunted enemies, the seasonal version of Borman Nates is no pushover. You'll want to make sure you have good weapons and gear to take him down as he can be tricky to deal with. Teaming up with a friend, naturally, will make this much easier.  Otherwise look at bringing some heavy weaponry along, such as a grenade launcher or anything else in your arsenal that packs a punch.

Once you've defeated Haunted Borman Nates, take out the ghost that appears to complete the Nate's Hostile challenge.

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