Borderlands 2 weapons teased: exploding ammo clips, minigun attachments, Bandit weaponry

Borderlands 2 - bandit concept art

Gearbox have been talking to GameInformer about Borderlands 2's all-new armoury. The first game's weapons have been ditched entirely. Now a weapon's design and functionality will vary according to each gun's manufacturer. Some will look like retro revolvers, some are sleek, modular iWeapons with ammo clips that double as grenades and others have been haphazardly constructed from pilfered parts by Pandora's Bandits. You'll find a details on each of Borderlands 2's gun manufacturers and some more concept art below.

  • Bandit - The Bandits now have their own brand of weaponry. As the concept art above shows, they're characteristically chaotic, DIY affairs constructed from salvaged parts

  • Dahl - Design weapons that look like the contemporary firearms you see a lot of in Call of Duty and Battlefield.

  • Hyperion - The manufacturer's of the Claptrap robots, their weapons will share a similar aesthetic. Hopefully they don't talk.

  • Vladof - Heavy, Russian-style weapons with minigun barrel attachments.

  • Tediore - Clips are explosive and can be tossed like grenades. The more live ammo left inside, the bigger the blast. See the Tediore weapon concept art below.

  • Torgue - The biggest, most insane weapons in the game will be made by Torgue. They haven't been revealed yet, but expect them to be enormous.

  • Maliwan - A sleek, futuristic brand of weaponry.

  • Jakobs - With designs dating back to the wild west and World War 2, Jakobs weapons look worn, but deal more damage than most of their competitors.

It's not just the weapons that will be new for the sequel. A fresh team of characters is planned to replace old favourites like Brick. They'll still be in Borderlands 2, but only as NPCs. Borderlands 2 is due out after April 1 next year.

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