Borderlands 2 release date set for September, trailer fuses joy and pain into new emotion

I'm not sure if humanity has yet invented a unit capable of measuring the kind of manic, gun-loving hysteria exploding out of every frame of the new Borderlands 2 trailer on RPS . It's possible that language alone can't contain this amount of concentrated wub wub in one place, which explains the appearance of words like "bazilliondier" and expressions like "get read to joy puke your face off."

Between the beats there's mention of a September 18 release date. That's for the US, the Borderlands 2 site says that it'll be released internationally on September 21. If the concentrated, brilliant mind-bludgeoning above has rewired your brain into a state in which you must buy Borderlands 2 now or explode, there are various pre-order options advertised on the Borderlands 2 site . A refined, expanded version of the first game would do very nicely indeed.

Tom Senior

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