Borderlands 2 grenade mod creates bouncing bomb mayhem

I just can't seem to master lobbing splodes in Borderlands 2, but this devastating Legendary MIRV/Bouncing Bettie Hybrid grenade mod might just help my inept throwing arm. Spotted over at Kotaku , the "Rolling Thunder" mod is a loot drop from Wilhelm, the boss at the, uh, end of "End of the Line". Video within!

"As you can see the mod is designed to make a single grenade bounce multiple times (up to 15) while creating an explosion on each impact," says the mod's discoverer, 5haow5. "Once the grenade is finished it will detonate and scatter the smaller grenades in a circle."

Yep - I think even I might hit something with that. What have you found in the game? Got any faves? Post details of your outlandish mods and spectacular shooters in the comments!