Blood Bowl 2 trailer tramples, elbows, bellows through first match footage

The best thing about Cyanide's first Blood Bowl was the Games Workshop ruleset that supported it. Clunky UI and some wobbly networking almost spoiled the appeal of violent, high-fantasy Gridiron. The latest Blood Bowl 2 trailer shows the new match engine, which certainly looks the part, but will those important underlying systems be fixed? Ponder that as you watch some big green fellas squashing some little pink fellas in the first moving pictures of a BB2 match.

Not shown, the Black Ork failing a roll and dropping the ball after a few steps of his big angry run. Meanwhile, the blue team is disqualified for fielding four number 16s and player doping allegations continue. You can keep track of the latest Blood Bowl over on the official site . Thanks to Evil Avatar for the heads up.

Tom Senior

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