Blizzard files trademark for 'Eye of Azshara'

World Of Warcraft Azshara

Blizzard have filed a trademark for something called 'Eye of Azshara', which is very likely a) a Hearthstone expansion, b) a World of Warcraft expansion, or c) an actual eye they plucked from someone called Azshara, which they're cruelly now attempting to trademark. Given past events, however—ie this previous filing, which turned out to be for a WoW expansion—I'm guessing it's going to be one of the first two.

As Azshara is the name of a character and area from Azeroth, it's a dead cert that we're in Warcraft territory—what remains to be seen is whether the trademark relates to World of Warcraft or its card-based spin-off Hearthstone. I'm leaning towards the latter here, given that WoW's next expansion, Warlords of Draenor, isn't even out yet. Blizzard have never been that quick at serving up their game expansions.

MMO Culture have the details of the trademark here, which also make frequent mention of an 'Overwatch' that's been filed with a few different trademark offices since early August.

With BlizzCon happening later in the week, can we expect an Eye of Azshara-related announcement this weekend?

Ta, PCGamesN.

Tom Sykes

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