Blizzard to launch 'global diversity and inclusion initiative', aims to boost women and minority group employment figures

Image credit: Reddit

In a bid to better represent women and underrepresented minority groups under its employ, Blizzard plans to launch a so-called "global diversity and inclusion initiative" that will establish internal councils and help "enhance inclusiveness".

That's according to an email received by Kotaku that also details just 21 percent of Blizzard's employees identify as women, and that only 14 percent are categorised as "under-represented minority groups". According to Kotaku, Blizzard president Mike Morhaime reckons these figures are consistent with the games industry as a whole, however it nevertheless wants to improve its own representation. 

The planned diversity drive will first focus on women in the workplace and thereafter cover minority groups—all the while eschewing "quotas" in favour of conferences and forging relationships with organisations such as Girls Who Code. 

"Our diversity initiative will require a commitment from every one of us, but especially from our leaders, managers, and hiring teams," says Morhaime. "We appreciate your dedication to help Blizzard achieve this goal."

This news follows Morhaime's promise of "more diverse heroes and content" in Blizzard games earlier this year. He also spoke about diversity in this interesting conversation with Hannah Dwan.