Blizzard teases Hearthstone's next expansion with an ominous new trailer

BlizzCon is coming next weekend, as you may have heard, and over the weekend we made some predictions about what this year's big show will deliver. Include among them was a call from Tim Clark, our Number One Hearthstone Guy, who said that the next expansion "will feel weird" before breaking down how it will come about: A trailer, some details during the opening ceremony, then card reveals and a deeper dive in a separate Hearthstone panel.

It looks like he may have been onto something, although perhaps a little conservative with his timeline. Blizzard dropped a new "Choose Wisely" teaser today in which Madame Lazul lays out her cards and says that things could go this way... or they could go that way.

The reference is presumably about the ongoing struggle between the League of E.V.I.L. and League of Explorers, the respectively the subjects of the previous two expansions, Rise of Shadows and Saviors of Uldum. One would naturally expect the good guys to come out on top, but Lazul suggests otherwise: "Two different ends, both seem true. Our fate is uncertain: When falls the final curtain, a victor shall be chosen by you!"

I don't think that does much to bolster Tim's hopes for a new and improved Sylvanas, but it does sound like Hearthstone's Year of the Dragon is going to end with a bang. Blizzard said the next big Hearthstone thing will be revealed on November 1, which is also when BlizzCon gets underway; you can find out more about what's coming (but not everything that's coming) in the BlizzCon 2019 schedule.

Andy Chalk

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