Blizzard say no new Hearthstone classes in the works currently

Arthas Death Knight World of Warcraft

As we revealed here last week by way of this adorably musical missive from Blizzard, the next Hearthstone expansion will be announced on 22 July. However, for those of you hoping said expansion might add to the current pool of nine heroes, well... Nope.

Here's Senior Game Designer Ben Brode with the bucket of cold water...

Dry your eyes, Death Knight and Monk fans. To be honest though, this comes as no great surprise, nor is it, in my opinion, much of a disappointment. There's still tons of design headroom left to be had in the existing classes. (And in the case of Shaman, arguably a significant re-work needed before other heroes are added.)

Hearthstone is a long term and already lucrative project for Blizzard. New Heroes will only become a necessity once the current crop have truly grown stale, and my guess is that might be years away still. As for what the expansion will include, well, the smart money is still on it being themed around the Argent Tournament from World of Warcraft.

Tim Clark

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