Blizzard releases World of Warcraft: Legion "extended preview" trailer

Blizzard has released an “extended preview” video of the upcoming World of Warcraft expansion Legion, showcasing the game's new locales, the Demon Hunter character class, and other “major features” that will be added when it goes live. 

The video isn't an animated short like the ones we've seen previously that set up the story leading into Legion. Instead, it's a straight-up list of places to go, things to do, and people to kill, with highlights including the new PvP Honor system, combat animations, class halls, and Champion Followers. New dungeons include The Arcway, Vault of the Wardens, Darkheart Thicket, and Maw of Souls—that one looks especially good—and of course there are a couple of new raids coming as well. 

As gripping cinematic adventures go, this clearly isn't up there with the best that Blizzard has done over the years. But as a no-frills breakdown of everything that's coming in Legion, it does the job quite nicely. World of Warcraft: Legion comes out on August 30. Details may be had at

Andy Chalk

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