Blizzard may be teasing the next Hearthstone adventure [Update: No it isn't]

Update: Blizzard tells us this is not actually a tease for the next Hearthstone adventure at all. "This isn't hinting at new content," a rep said. "They're fun thematic posts meant to remind people about Whispers of the Old Gods."

So there you go.

Original post:

Images posted to the Brazilian and Latin American Hearthstone pages may be teases for the next Hearthstone Adventure, which a Reddit thread suggests “will probably be a travel agency themed adventure where you will visit different places of Azeroth.” 

The images feature what appear to be travel brochures, while the text accompanying them, according to another helpful Redditor, translates to, “Discover the unexpected, the strange and the insane with C'thun Travel Agency, Vacations #OldGods Style.” The brochure itself teases travel to the land of the Pandaren, the enigmatic, panda-like race from World of Warcraft.

“Imagine you find yourself surrounded by trees with golden leaves and majestic mountains. You just crossed the impregnable door protected by the August Celestials and a waterfall welcomes you while you start your journey to an exotic world. Open your eyes and wonder with the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, located in the very heart of the ancient Pandaria. 

Enjoy extraordinary panoramas and taste one of the best know local delights: the old fashion roasted bamboo sandwiches. It doesn't matter how big your expectations are, you will have a PANDAstic time on your holidays!” 

We've reached out to Blizzard to ask about these images, and we'll let you know if we receive a reply. In the meantime, I think Reddit's advice is probably worth taking: It's time to start saving your gold.

Andy Chalk

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