Blizzard marks 5 years of StarCraft 2 with confetti and wallpaper

StarCraft 2 anniversary wallpaper

Believe it or not, it was five years ago today that StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty inflicted itself upon our gaming lives. And if you don't believe it (because it sure doesn't feel like five years, does it?) then you can go check with Blizzard, which will not only confirm what I say but also toss you a few silly goodies to celebrate the big event.

First up, there's a very special (and very festive) fifth anniversary portrait up for grabs that can be selected by anyone playing StarCraft 2 between today and August 3. Worker units have also been modded up a bit, and for a limited time will explode in great, colorful blasts of confetti—confsplosions, you might say, although you might not, too, because it doesn't exactly roll off the tongue. A swanky fifth anniversary wallpaper has been added to the StarCraft 2 media section, and Blizzard said other "epic StarCraft 2 swag" will go up for grabs soon as well.

StarCraft 2 confetti explosions

(Click the maximize icon in the upper right to make the magic happen.)

"Thanks for being a part of the great community that has made StarCraft II into what it is today. Here's to you, and the last five years of epic stories and gameplay!" Blizzard wrote. Get the details at

Andy Chalk

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