Blizzard job listings hint at something entirely new

Blizzard’s job page is often an interesting place for inquisitive minds, offering up tiny glimpses into possible futures. Amid the vacancies for existing games like World of Warcraft and Overwatch are stacks of advertisements for unannounced projects. There are plenty related to a mystery Diablo project, but there are just as many openings for something new.

Spotted by MMORPG, roles include a variety of artists, engineers and designers, but not necessarily all for the same game. Some, like the senior quest designer position, specifically mention mobile games, while others mention console and PC. Some say experience in both being desirable, which makes sense given Hearthstone’s cross-platform success. 

Some of the requirements and ‘pluses’ include things like a “passion for co-op games, RPGs and board games” and a “real passion for action games”. Blizzard is really into passion. Common threads include action, not surprisingly, and there’s mention of both first-person and third-person combat. 

There are a lot of job openings, and we could probably craft any number of games from the morsels and vague requirements, but there are definitely things that stand out and requirements that are mentioned often enough so that they start to hint at where Blizzard’s going with this. 

The responsibilities section of the lead/senior level designer position has quite a few details, and it mentions “world building from conception to the final stages of polish”. It sounds like Blizzard’s building another universe. 

If you’ve got the time, there’s loads to trawl through, and maybe a couple of things I missed. In the meantime, got any wild theories about what Blizzard’s unannounced project might be? 

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

Fraser is the UK online editor and has actually met The Internet in person. With over a decade of experience, he's been around the block a few times, serving as a freelancer, news editor and prolific reviewer. Strategy games have been a 30-year-long obsession, from tiny RTSs to sprawling political sims, and he never turns down the chance to rave about Total War or Crusader Kings. He's also been known to set up shop in the latest MMO and likes to wind down with an endlessly deep, systemic RPG. These days, when he's not editing, he can usually be found writing features that are 1,000 words too long or talking about his dog.