Blizzard are hiring for two secret games

Job opportunities are beautiful things. Someone, somewhere gets to work on the project of their dreams. A company gets the staff to produce the game of their dreams. And we get to speculate on what they might be hiring for. Blizzard's Global Careers site is hiring right now . There are plenty of jobs going on their next generation MMO. But there's a further unannounced game that needs staff, too. Hello hello hello. There are three jobs on Blizzard's newest project going. A software engineer building tools. An artist, and a texture artist. If you apply for the software engineer role, you'll be "joining a new team in its early stages and establishing pipelines and development environments." You'll also want "a deep passion for developing the tools that empower designers and artists to create epic gameplay experiences?" The next-gen MMO team is hiring for dozens of roles, including software engineers, lighting specialists, producers, art managers, engineers, and writers. Hnnnng. Best. Jobs. Ever.