Blizzard fixing Diablo 3 votekick exploit for Hardcore difficulty

Diablo 3

During co-op play in Diablo III, players can call for a vote to kick party members as a measure against troublemakers. A successful vote locks the offending player in place for 10 seconds before booting him or her, but forum complaints cite griefers vote-kicking innocent players in Hardcore games, resulting in a costly death from swarms of monsters. Posting on the official forums , a Blizzard Community Manager stated a fix is on the way to remove the timer entirely.

"While we realize this solution may allow players to exploit the Vote Kick function to avoid death, it's not a very reliable survival technique and we feel that it's a better alternative than players losing a character they've invested a lot of time into due to griefing," read the post. "We'll definitely be keeping on an eye on this, though, and will consider other solutions if necessary."

Blizzard didn't say whether the fix will arrive as an individual patch or bundled with upcoming major updates such as the impending 1.07 PVP debut . For now, I'll keep hoping my "PKPKPKPKPKPKPK" chat spams continue warding off unsavory types until the fix arrives.

Omri Petitte

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