Blind gamer completes Abe's Exoddus using sound alone


Blind gamer, Terry Garrett has learned to complete Abe's Exoddus, navigating the game using nothing but sound and lots of quicksaves. You can hear an interview with him below, along with a video of him playing the game.

The 23 year old is a student at Colorado University, and learned to play games using sound when he went blind at the age of 10. His first step when playing a new game is for a sighted person to describe the menus, and whether the game is in 2D or 3D before heading to GameFaqs and walkthroughs for an overview of how the game works. Garrett says that Abe's Exoddus was one of the few games where a walkthrough was unnecessary, thanks to its dense soundscape that has an audio cue for every action. There's an interview with him on the Oddworld Inhabitants site. See him playing through the game below.

[via Reddit ]

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