Black Ops 4 players are crouch-running at super speeds thanks to a perk glitch

Players are using a Black Ops 4 glitch that lets you stack the same perk multiple times to gain super speed in multiplayer matches—and Treyarch is cracking down on anyone exploiting it.

The glitch involves a complicated process of joining and leaving custom lobbies, creating a specific custom class, using certain equipment and completing a sequence of in-game actions, but the upshot is that you can clone any perk, stacking the effects on your character. Players have been doing it with the Skulker perk—which normally lets you move a bit faster while crouching or prone—to create super-speedy soldiers that zip around the map at 100mph, legs bent. 

Reddit user 90059JR uploaded the above clip of the glitch in action, and developer Treyarch later said it would resolve the issue in a coming update.

In the meantime, it's cracking down on anyone using it to gain an advantage: on first offense, Treyarch will temporarily suspend the player's account, reset their stats, emblems and paintjobs, delete their leaderboard entries and block them from playing online splitscreeen in the future. Repeated offenders face permanent bans, the developer said in a Reddit post.

Thanks, PCGamesN.

In other Black Ops 4 news, some servers are now running at 60hz, following player complaints about the 20hz tickrate. As discussed in this Reddit thread, it appears Treyarch has only rolled out the change in certain locations for now, and not to Blackout servers. 

Samuel Horti

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