Black Ops 3 to feature FOV slider, dedicated servers

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CODBLOPS 1 and CODBLOPS 2 both featured adjustable FOV sliders and dedicated servers, but if you were worried that the third BLOPS would abandon those features, don't be—the Director of Development of the PC version has confirmed they'll be in the game, via Twitter.

Look, here they are doing just that:

"BlackOps3 PC will use 100% dedicated servers for all ranked matches. (Same as previous BlackOps PC titles.) This is how we do it." (Link)

"BlackOps3 will ship with an adjustable FOV slider. (Same as previous BlackOps PC titles.)" (Link)

As for the thorny issue of FPS caps, 'pcdev' thinks it will be a similar situation as that with Black Ops 2, ie uncapped in single-player and zombies mode, and with a max 200 FPS cap for multiplayer. However, "it's too early to say" about that.

Black Ops 2 is out November 6th, and the minimum system requirements have already been announced.

(Cheers, VG247.)

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