Bit.Trip discounts games for May'hem sale, hopes you see what they did there

Just in time for the weekend, Bit.Trip has put a number of their games in a collection on Steam for 75% off. Bit.Trip Runner , Bit.Trip Core , Bit.Trip Beat , and Bit.Trip Void are available for $2.49 individually, or grab the entire collection to get the soundtracks as well.

The May'hem sale includes most of the series of delightfully 8-bit games. If you haven't played them, they have a range of gameplay styles from Pong-like (Beat) to infinite runner (Runner) to...just weird (Void). The only non-8-bit-style game of the series, Bit.Trip Presents...Runner 2: The Future Legend of Rhythm Alien , is not included in the collection and is only (only!) 25% off.

I regard this as a shot across the bow by the evil geniuses at Steam. Though the last huge Steam sale wasn't that long ago, it is already May. It won't be that long until we're barraged with the horrible glory that is the Steam Summer Sale. That sound? Oh, that was just your wallet crying.

The May'hem lasts until May 20.