Bioware tease Mass Effect MMO

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As reported on CVG , Bioware head Dr. Ray Muzyka has hinted that we might see a massively multiplayer expansion to the Mass Effect universe.

Read on for the details.

When asked about the possibility of an MMO, Ray told the website "I think there's many, many different directions we could go in in the future with new IPs and extensions, business models and platforms. We really want to go where our fans are and some of the ideas you mention - there are definitely possibilities."

Dr. Ray did insist that Bioware are "committed to The Old Republic for many, many years plus launch," saying: "It's going to be a massive endevour to drive content towards fans and make sure the service quality is really high... we have some really cool stuff going on with our Virginia studio out of Bioware Mythic."

We're exploring new types of online play. We also have some new things in the pipe we haven't announced yet out of our Edmonton studio... We're obviously looking at Mass Effect, Dragon Age - they're epic franchises, and we have more things planned in the future. Mass Effect 3 is the beginning of a Galactic war. The future's bright."

Mass Effect 3 is due for release in March 2012. You can read Josh's first impressions here , and Tom's "15 things we want to see from Mass Effect 3" here . Star Wars: The Old Republic will hit PC later this year. We have a whopping three previews on the site.