BioWare shares teaser image, says 'Mass Effect will continue'

A teaser image for the next Mass Effect showing a crater that looks like a geth
(Image credit: EA)

November 7 is N7 Day, when the Mass Effect community comes together to celebrate the series. In previous years BioWare has been involved to varying degrees, last year using the occasion to announce Mass Effect Legendary Edition and confirm a new Mass Effect is in development. This year was a more muted affair on the official side of things, with BioWare presumably heads-down working on Dragon Age 4, though it did share a teaser image declaring "Mass Effect will continue".

The picture shows a squad of four characters leaving a shuttle to walk toward a crater that resembles a geth's face from above. Looking up close one of those four is a krogan, and they're walking toward what might be geth embedded in the ground. Is it Legion? I'm sure fans will pick apart the details in the days ahead and see what other hints it contains about the next Mass Effect.

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BioWare also provided a blog post to that includes a deeper look at player data from the Legendary Edition. While a previous infographic showed basic Bro Shep soldier's popularity, this one focuses on some more surprising stats, like the fact that 15% of players did not recruit Garrus in the first game. (While it's possible to simply miss him by doing things in a specific order, I suspect a bunch of folk replaying the series deliberately dodge Garrus to see how different it is without him.) 

The infographic shows—spoilers for Mass Effect 3— that the most popular ending choice was Destroy, with 45% of players callously deleting EDI and the geth to get rid of the reapers. Synthesis was the second-most popular at 30%, with only 17% of people choosing to sensibly ascend to immortality and use the reapers to clean up their mess in Control. Meanwhile, 8% of players were contrarian enough to pick Refusal.

The post also notes that Mass Effect emoticons have been added to Steam's points store, there's a Mass Effect section on Giphy, Soylent Cosplay put together an official guide for cosplaying Liara, and the Legendary Edition is on sale at Steam, Origin, and the Microsoft Store. It finishes with an obligatory note that "We are, of course, hard at work on the next adventure in the Mass Effect universe." 

On the unofficial side of N7 Day, modders have restored the lost Pinnacle Station DLC. Other mods released today include one that makes it clearer which of Mass Effect 2's dialogue options are flirting, and one that lets you continue playing after losing your entire squad in the suicide mission.

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