Bioware on Dragon Age 3: Bigger, bolder, better... still not officially announced


Sometimes an actual announcement is just a formality. Everyone knows there's a Dragon Age 3 coming, and while Bioware is still largely speaking in hypotheticals and suggestions of what we might see in a sequel, should it emerge, at the very least we can see where its attention is being pointed.

The biggest change in the works definitely looks to be increasing the scale again, back up to the scale of the first game and beyond. NeoGAF has the full write-up of Bioware's panel at PAX.

Key thoughts-not-promises about the maybe-maybe third game in the series include making decisions you make carry actual weight again, instead of you being rushed down a largely linear path, more customisation of your party members, though with them likely sticking with unique armours in the name of visual identity, and a continuation of the second game's Mages vs. Templars theme - though not necessarily as the main threat.

Where Dragon Age: Origins was about saving the world from the Darkspawn, this time you're (likely going to be) fighting to save it from itself, most likely through an epic sized trek around the world that will likely take in often-referenced locations like Orlais as well as the familiar muddy ground of Ferelden and the Free Marches. It's very unlikely that either Hawke or the Warden will be on hero duty, though they may appear in a cameo - especially, we'd wager, if you're still holding onto your original saves. But of course, none of that is guaranteed or locked in stone. Bioware is only 'thinking' about the game so far, and everything mentioned is still up for change.

Before Dragon Age 3 though, there are at least a couple of new stories set in the world, including the anime Dragon Age: Dawn of the Seeker and Felicia Day's delayed Dragon Age: Redemption . As for Hawke's controversial adventures in Kirkwall, Bioware hasn't announced any follow-ups to the recent Legacy DLC and Item Packs , but promises more news in coming weeks.