BioWare is 'figuring out' Dragon Age 4, intends to 'get back to' Mass Effect

If you're wondering when we're getting a new Dragon Age game and whether Mass Effect will ever return to PC, BioWare's Casey Hudson has weighed in on that as part of a Game Informer cover feature on Anthem. There's not loads to go on, but Hudson offered a status update that fans of both series might find comforting.

"I would say a majority of the people at BioWare are working on Anthem, but we do have people who are figuring out what a next Dragon Age would look like,” Hudson says. When asked about Mass Effect, Hudson said: "It’s my baby. I helped start Mass Effect from the beginning. Of course we intend to get back to it at some point."

Myself and Tom explored what we'd like from a new Dragon Age last summer. Inquisition was released almost four years ago, and it sounds like we've still got a long wait ahead.

Samuel Roberts
Former PC Gamer EIC Samuel has been writing about games since he was 18. He's a generalist, because life is surely about playing as many games as possible before you're put in the cold ground.