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BioShock Infinite won't have multiplayer

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BioShock Infinite skydive

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BioShock Infinite's turbulent journey toward its February 26 release has incurred staff departures (opens in new tab) and release delays as Irrational ensures the completeness of Columbia's sweeping set pieces. But one thing Columbia won't include is now very clear: taking to Twitter last weekend (via Kotaku (opens in new tab) ), Irrational co-founder Ken Levine triple-killed (opens in new tab) any (opens in new tab) possibility (opens in new tab) of multiplayer modes accompanying BioShock: Infinite's story.

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Levine previously toyed with including multiplayer in Infinite as far back as 2010 (opens in new tab) , stating any sort of multiplayer modes would need just as much draw as the single-player's experimental elements. "It's not like people won't buy the game if it doesn't have a world-changing multiplayer element," he said. "Unless you're Call of Duty, unless you're Halo, unless you've got something new to say like Left 4 Dead, people are not going to care, so why do it?"

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