BioShock 2 no longer for sale on Steam, probably for reasons

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Go to the Steam store right now, and what do you see? Not BioShock 2! Sort of. The underwater Utopia's slow-motion slide into a greater-good nightmare is still there, actually, but it can no longer be purchased. Not to fear, however, as 2K Games says it will be back.

"BioShock 2 has been temporarily removed from the Steam, Xbox Live, and PlayStation Network marketplaces and will return to these digital stores soon. We'll let you know when that happens," a 2K Games rep told us. "In the meantime, this in no way affects the single-player or multiplayer experience for those who currently own BioShock 2."

Interestingly, the original BioShock and BioShock Infinite are still up for sale: It's only BioShock 2, and the Minerva's Den DLC, that have been pulled. It's also been removed from other digital retailers, like Green Man Gaming, although the Mac version remains available for purchase. That would seemingly shoot down the theory floating around on Reddit that it's a music licensing issue. Or did the Mac version have a different soundtrack?

I don't know, and 2K isn't saying. The important thing is that if you own it, you can still play it—which is kind of a funny thing to say about something you "own"—and that at some point, it's coming back. We'll keep you posted.

Andy Chalk

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