Bethesda says it will be 'years from now' before we get Elder Scrolls 6 details

(Image credit: Bethesda)

The Elder Scrolls 6 was announced at E3 2018 with a brief flyover of nondescript mountains, some generic music, and a title that wasn't really a title at all because it didn't even say where the game will be located. Despite the complete lack of any actual information, everyone was very excited to learn that a new addition to one of the biggest, most successful RPG series of all time was in fact being made.

At PAX East in 2019, executive producer Todd Howard warned that the new Elder Scrolls was still a very long way off, and that Bethesda wouldn't be talking about it at E3 that year. Then E3 2019 rolled around and people wanted to talk about it anyway, leading Howard to say that the sci-fi RPG Starfield is Bethesda's priority right now, and it's a long way off too. 

We thought maybe we might get some word about TES6 this year, but then E3 was cancelled and Bethesda apparently didn't have enough in the pipe to justify a digital show of its own, clearly indicating that it still doesn't have anything to say about it.

But that was April and this is May, and maybe with the longer days and warmer rays of sunshine upon our faces, we might also get a little Elder Scrolls surprise? A little one? Maybe?

Well, no. Not according to Bethesda's SVP of marketing and communications Pete Hines, anyway, and he's in a good position to know about this sort of thing. 

Hope springs eternal in the human breast and all that, but seriously, leave the poor man alone.

Here's all we know about The Elder Scrolls so far, which to be perfectly honest isn't much. One interesting tidbit centers around a trademark beef, settled in 2019, over the word "Redfall." Some redditors have theorized that it could be a reference to a plague that will feature in the game in some way, perhaps similar to the Corprus disease at the center of Morrowind; it could also be a reference to the Redguards who make their home in Hammerfell, a region that hasn't been explored since the 1998 spinoff The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard.

Or maybe it's nothing of the sort. We just don't know—and we won't for a long time yet.

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