Bayonetta creator and co-founder Hideki Kamiya to leave Platinum: 'Keep your eyes peeled'

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 13: Hideki Kamiya, Director at Platinum Games, introduces the video game "Scalebound" during Microsoft Corp. Xbox at the Galen Center on June 13, 2016 in Los Angeles, California.
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PlatinumGames co-founder Hideki Kamiya has revealed that he'll be parting ways with the studio next month.

The news was originally announced on the developer's Twitter, where a statement reads: "We regret to announce that Hideki Kamiya will be leaving PlatinumGames on October 12, 2023. We are truly grateful for his creative ideas, leadership, and contribution to the growth of PlatinumGames from our start-up to this very day."

It seems as though Kamiya isn't stepping away from game development entirely though. "We believe that he will continue to succeed in his future endeavours as a game creator," the statement continued. "We are looking forward to seeing the game industry grow into a better place with him in it. We wish him all the best for the future!"

The news was later backed up by a couple of tweets from Kamiya himself, who said the decision to leave "came after a lot of consideration based on my own beliefs, and was by no means an easy decision to make." In a follow-up tweet, he said: "However, I feel this outcome is for the best. I will continue to create in my Hideki Kamiya way. I hope you'll keep your eyes peeled."

@PG_kamiya via Twitter. (Image credit: @PG_kamiya via Twitter)

Kamiya's departure ends a 17-year run at PlatinumGames. While there, he created the Bayonetta series, as well as the criminally underrated Wonderful 101. He was also the director on the long-in-development but cancelled Scalebound, a game he expressed interest in resurrecting at some point back in 2022, as reported by NME. 

At least we know that Kamiya isn't quite done with creating weird and wonderful games just yet, and I'm interested to know what he does next. If anything, at least we have his infamous Twitter presence and ever-growing block list to entertain us for the time being.

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