Battlefront 2's The Rise of Skywalker trailer is some great Star Wars

Star Wars Battlefront 2's The Rise of Skywalker tie-in update is coming tomorrow, but ahead of the launch you can watch hordes of stormtroopers getting mown down in the official trailer above, featuring the new map and reinforcements. 

A DICE trailer usually guarantees a good show, and this is some top notch Star Wars. If you've not been keeping up with the new film, there might be some surprises. For instance, there are red stormtroopers for some reason now, and I fully support the First Order's decision to make themselves even better targets. 

Along with the red Sith trooper, you'll also be able to fight as one of the First Order's new jetpack troopers, while the Resistance gets two new aliens added to its roster. The new map, meanwhile, will be available in co-op, along with a bunch of other sequel-era maps. 

The new planet will appear on December 20, but everything else is due with the first part of the update tomorrow. In January, you'll be able to play the Capital Supremacy mode on sequel-era maps, namely Jakku and the new planet, while BB-8 and his First Order counterpart will join the list of playable heroes and villains.

Fraser Brown
Online Editor

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