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Battlefield V has a new map inspired by a Battlefield 3 classic

(Image credit: EA)

Battlefield V will get a new map tomorrow, in the form of Operation Underground. As the name implies, the map is set predominantly underground, specifically in the subway tunnels of a ruined German city. If that sounds familiar, it's because DICE describes it as a spiritual successor to the Operation Metro map from Battlefield 3.

"With our original designer of Métro at the helm, Operation Underground keeps the former map’s intense close-quarter combat in a highly recognizable environment and removes bottlenecks that could make a match stale," DICE writes. "In addition, new flanking routes and gameplay dynamics are added to double down on the fun."

The map is playable in Conquest, Squad Conquest, Breakthrough, Team Deathmatch, and occasionally, Rush. Check out a trailer below:

Shaun Prescott
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