Battlefield Play4Free unlocks system detailed

Battlefield play4free

Battlefield Play4Free will be a free-to-play Battlefield game with Battlefield 2's maps and Battlefield: Bad Company 2's weapons. Easy Studios have been talking more about how character customisation and levelling up will work in the game. Instead of Bad Company 2's linear unlocks, players will gain points that can be spent on a choice of skills to improve their character, unlocking different roles within each class. Read on for more information, and some hot skill trees.

Game designer Colin M. Clarke has been writing about the new system on the Battlefield blog , mentioning that Battlefield Play4Free will have four familiar classes: Medic, Assault, Engineer and Recon, but within each class there will be two skill trees. One will let you level up your equipment and unlock new weapons, the other will improve your character's physical abilities.

The aim of the skill trees is to allow players to find their "niche" on the battlefield. Easy Studios are trying to tune the skills on offer to allow different ways to play each class. Clarke uses Recon as an example.

"The recon that takes the point, scouts with his Motion Sensor and uses his Combat Training to find, outflank and eliminate enemies only has some similarities to the recon who unfolds his lawn chair and takes shots at enemies from 80+ meters away. They are the same kit, but each player has his own personalized combat experience within that kit."

"One thing I like is the amount of STUFF that I can choose from when spending Training Points. Sometimes I find I get a little bored of being a sniper and I want to get into the mix and see how well I do on the front line. Just by changing up my skills I can take my super sniper and turn him into a tactical infiltration recon that keeps my team constantly posted on enemy positions."

Battlefield Play4Free is currently running a closed beta. You can sign up to join in with future betas on the Battlefield Play4Free site.

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