Battlefield: Bad Company 3 is "still out there" according to DICE executive producer

Fans of the Battlefield spin-off Bad Company began to despair after no news of Bad Company 3 surfaced at E3 . But DICE executive producer Patrick Bach wants you to know that Bad Company isn't dead, it's just sleeping.

Speaking to IGN at E3, Bach said that DICE doesn't have the “bandwidth” to work on Bad Company 3 right now. “We can always find talented people around the world,” he said, “The Bad Company series is by no means killed or anything, it's still out there.”

It's not hard to believe that DICE is operating at full capacity right now. The Stockholm-based developer is currently putting the finishing touches on Battlefield 4 and just announced Star Wars: Battlefront and Mirror's Edge 2 at E3. DICE's new American studio, DICE LA , was recently established to bring on American talent and help carry some of the load.

According to Bach, parts of the Bad Company series, like destructible environments and squad commands, have been absorbed into Battlefield 4's multiplayer. “We merged the Battlefield main game with Bad Company and we'll continue to do it. I won't say we'll never build another Bad Company game again, but right now we're focusing on Battlefield 4.”

Battlefield 4 will be released worldwide in late October ( without mod support , we learned yesterday at E3) and early November this year. For the latest from E3, check out our complete coverage .