Battlefield 4 double XP event starts today

Assuming that the game is now stable enough in order for you to take advantage of it, Battlefield 4 's double XP weekend for Premium members begins today. Previously scheduled to ring in the new year last Sunday, December 29, the event was postponed due to the "intermittent connectivity" issues we've been covering since the game launched in late October last year.

The event will last until 9pm PST on Sunday, January 5. That leaves you a little over 50 hours to level up, so go ahead and pretend that you're still on Holiday break and marathon BF4 for another couple of days. Not doing so would be irresponsible. You didn't pay that $50 Premium subscription fee for nothing, did you?

If you've somehow been playing BF4 this whole time unscathed by these issues—and also managed to avoid our incessant coverage of them—consider yourself lucky. The game launched in a pretty bad state , with many players unable to connect or stay connected to games, and many game breaking bugs. It got so bad that DICE announced it's halting development on all other projects, and posted a " top issue tracker ," listing the known bugs on different platform and DICE's progress on fixes for them.

It was such a troubled launch, in fact, that multiple law firms are looking into class action lawsuits against Electronic Arts , claiming that EA executives misrepresented the quality of BF4 and how they expected the game to preform at launch so they can sell stocks at an inflated price. To be clear, these are nothing but some strong accusation at the moment, as no legal action was taken yet.