Battlefield 3 trailer shows midnight mortar fire in Operation Guillotine

[bcvideo id="1167716779001"]

The extended Operation Guillotine trailer for Battlefield 3 landed over the weekend. Frostbite 2's improved lighting engine looks incredible at night. Spotlights cause lens flare, hazy neon signs are visible in the distance and the flashing tracer fire is especially convincing, even on a 360.

The latest trailer is a rare bit of non-PC footage, perhaps because console players voiced worries that DICE weren't showing enough of the shooter running on their machines. "People don't understand that the PC is more powerful” DICE responded, adding “we always want to show a platform that we have chosen to be our lead platform." Battlefield 3 is out next month, on October 25 in the US, October 27 in Australia, and October 28 in Europe.

Tom Senior

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