Battlefield 3 themed DLC packs to add new guns and "the biggest map in Battlefield history"

Battlefield 3 - taaaank

Get set, Battlefield 3 fans, THREE themed DLC packs have been announced. The first will be out in June, and will be called Close Quarters. As the name suggests, it'll add new maps designed for frantic fights between footsoldiers. These new environments will fall apart during battles as "everything from furniture to plaster gets shot to pieces." It'll also have ten new weapons that can be unlocked by completing assignments, a la Back to Karkand. One of the four new maps, a stylish office block called Ziba tower, is currently being shown at GDC.

The second pack sounds more dramatic. It's called Armoured Kill, and will be a lot more tanky. DICE say it will contain the biggest Battlefield map ever, and will add mobile artillery, new tanks and ATVs. That's set to arrive this Autumn.

Finally, in winter, we'll get End Game. The contents of this DLC pack are secret for now, which leaves us with no option but to guess wildly. It'll contain twelve foot tall mecha-squirrels piloted by slightly smaller squirrels and four new maps set on Mars.

There's no word on how much the packs will cost, but it seems reasonable to use Back to Karkand's £12 as a guide. Hopefully it'll be as good as Battlefield 3's first expansion, which took a respectable score in our Back to Karkand review .

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