Battlefield 3 Premium retail listing suggests £35 price point, early access to DLC

Battlefield 3 - manshoot in Operation Metro

Retail listings spotted by VG247 on British and Danish Coolshop sites suggest that the rumoured Battlefield 3 Premium service will cost £35 and come with Back to Karkand and early access to upcoming DLC, including the already-announced Close Quarters, Armoured Kill and Endgame packs. Recently, Battlefieldo turned up details of the service, with word of bonus dog tags, camo patterns and more.

Elsewhere, MP1st have heard whispers of an unannounced DLC pack called Aftermath to be released before End Game. They suggest that BF3 Premium will consist of 20 maps, 20 new weapons, more than ten new vehicles, four new game modes, 30 assignments and more than twenty dog tags.

Close Quarters has been officially pegged for June. The MP1st info suggests that the large-scale vehicle warfare pack, Armoured Kill, could follow in Autumn, with Aftermath in December and End Game due early next year. It's unconfirmed as of yet, but E3 is right around the corner. What do you think, 35 squid a little steep or just right?

Tom Senior

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