Battlefield Premium service rumoured for E3 reveal

Battlefield 3 - close quarters

The folks at Battlefieldo have dug up details on a possible Call of Duty Elite style service for Battlefield 3. According to an unofficial but "very reliable source" it'll be called "Battlefield Premium," and will offer players hooked up to the service a series of "unique in-game items not available anywhere else."

A few such items are mentioned, including a "one-of-a-kind Premium knife and black dog tag." New soldier camo patterns, weapon camos and "personalization options." The reveal is apparently set for June 4, on the eve of E3.

This arrives a few days after news that Call of Duty's Elite subscription service has two million paid subscribers (thanks, Joystiq ). Earlier this year, in an earnings call, EA CEO John Ricitiello held up Activision's Elite service as an example of "best in class performance." It would make sense for them to try and emulate Elite's success in Battlefield 3, but there's no info on whether or Premium will be a subscription service or not.

EA and DICE haven't commented on the Battlefieldo blow out, so it's all rumour for now, but earlier this year a Battlefield 3 patch gave players the option of paying £30 to unlock all of its items , so a subscription service certainly isn't unthinkable. Would you subscribe to Battlefield Premium?

Tom Senior

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