Battlefield 3 PC receiving "special effort", won't run on Windows XP

Battlefield 1943

DICE developers have revealed a few new details on the upcoming Battlefield 3 on Twitter. Lead Designer David Goldfarb has allayed fears that the next Battlefield will be a console port, saying that while the game won't be exclusive to the PC, the PC version of the game is getting extra attention. More news has emerged on the game's system specs, too. Battlefield 3 is designed to run with DirectX 11, and won't run at all on Windows XP.

Responding to questions on Twitter , Goldfarb said the game "will not be exclusive. We are putting special effort into the pc version, even for us, it's extraordinary." This is good news for those who were worried that DICE's success on the consoles with Battlefield: Bad Company 2 coul make PC version of the game becoming a lower priority. it looks as though the opposite is true.

Meanwhile another DICE dev, Johann Andersson dropped a few details on the system specs that will be needed to run the game, saying that "Frostbite 2 is primarily developed for DX11. XP & DX9 is _not_ supported, 64-bit OS is recommended. Lots of time to upgrade if you havent!" This will probably mean an upgrade for many. Are you still using Windows XP? Would you upgrade for Battlefield 3?

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